How to Use a Smartphone App to Make Perfect Sourdough Bread [Videos]

In this video series, I take you through how to configure the Interval Timer app to create a preset program to make sourdough bread. It will remind you of what steps to do and at the exact right time!

Interval timer apps for smartphones are generally used to measure exercise routines. Well, I’d much rather use them to help remind me when to do my sourdough dance!

The first video (and preset program we create) takes you from starting the dough (with an active sourdough starter), all the way through final shaping.

The second video sets up a preset program for baking day, from preheating the oven through bread cool-down! (maybe this is exercise after all, right?) 😉

In case you missed it, here is my Artisan Sourdough Bread recipe.

The app I use is called Interval Timer on Android and Interval Timer + on iOS

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