Modern science is catching up to traditional wisdom

Our ancestors knew and taught us the health benefits of probiotic rich fermented foods. Every week it seems, new scientifically-backed studies are being published that prove these benefits and establish the link between a healthy gut and a happy mood! 

Humans are a Storytelling Species

While science is helpful in explaining how our physical universe works, we believe that hearing people’s stories about how they improved and transformed their lives (sometimes miraculously) by adding fermented foods and beverages to their diet is much more fun. So…we are starting a new feature on our blog, and would love to share your story with the world!

We Want to Hear your Story!

If we pick your story for our feature (your story will be anonymized upon request), we will contact you for a full interview, and feature your story in our blog. We will also send you some great Fermenters Club swag including a t-shirt, a hat, and more!

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