Fermenters Club is Taking Employee Wellness to a Whole New Level

Are you looking for a unique way to build trust and camaraderie among your work team? Our hands-on workshops combine food and fundamentals that teach important health and wellness skills in a fun, laid-back environment. Join companies like Kashi, Perfect Bar, The American Red Cross and Bridgestone who have enjoyed a team-building experience!

What it Is

A Fermenters Club fermentation workshop is an immersive experience, one in which you will come away feeling much more confident and knowledgeable about fermenting food at home.

Workshops are taught by experts who have been fermenting food for years. A typical workshop focuses on a particular style or ingredient. Pickles, fermented veggies, kimchi, miso, and kombucha are just some examples.

How It’s Done

The dynamic workshop format hits all your senses in order to ensure that you fully integrate what you learn. You’ll see, hear, smell, taste, and of course, DO it yourself (DIY)!

Do It Yourself

In a DIY workshop, you not only take away an education in food history and treatment, but you also get to take a jar of what you made together. something delicious to look forward to.

Words from the People

“I just wanted to thank you very much for the excellent workshop on kimchi last weekend. My kimchi is smelling wonderful and I can’t wait to eat and share it.  Your workshop was much more professional than I imagined it would be and I really look forward to more.” –Joan, California

“What a wonderful time we had! Everyone has been chatting about making their kombucha at home over the weekend, what they named their SCOBY, and more! You certainly got us buzzed on fermentation!” –Natalie G., California

“My first ever attempt at Kombucha just got put into the crock. Thank you to new friends I met at Fermenters Club who offered guidance and support.” –Wendy B., California

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