Bloggers Unite! Culinary tour of Tijuana

Greetings, Fermenters! We interrupt our regularly-scheduled fermentation-based blog posts to go on a road trip! In April I was invited to join a group of San Diego-based food bloggers on a culinary tour of Tijuana, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity! Being connected and engaged with our communities is crucial to spreading the good word on the benefits and joy of fermenting food. And it didn’t hurt that I was surrounded by a group of lovely, smart and fun women bloggers! Here are the spots we hit:

  • La Wash Tortas (stand)
  • Espresso at Das Cortez
  • Mercado Hidalgo
  • El Güero tacos
  • Ice cream at Tepoznieves
  • Beer at TJ Cerveceria
  • Wine, tapas, and salad (of course!) at Caesar’s

Rather than try to out-blog them, I simply offer up each of their stories.

Enjoying a beer at TJ Cerveceria. Pictured above are the bloggers (from left to right):

The trip gave me confidence to return to Mexico– perhaps on a quest to find some local fermented dishes (curtido or tepache, anyone?)


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