2017 Fermentation Device Smackdown CALL FOR ENTRIES

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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA– Small-batch fermentation devices are becoming popular as more people revive the tradition of fermenting their own food at home. Along with this trend, we’ve noticed an explosion in the creation of innovative devices from entrepreneurs looking to solve the two main challenges of safe fermentation:

  1. Keep the food submerged and safe under brine, and
  2. Keep extraneous oxygen, dust and pests away from the food

We want to provide objective information to fermenters about which of these devices we feel work best. We rate them on practical criteria which are important to the end user (see below).

Our first 2016 review series (available on Youtube) has had 1500 views and climbing.

We are going to perform another series of tests this year, with some new review criteria.


In order for a device to be eligible for the test, it must:

  • fit onto a wide-mouth mason jar (Ball or Kerr in the U.S.) AND
  • be in production (not development, pilot or currently being crowdfunded) and commercially available for sale in the United States.

Review Criteria

  • Design
    • Profile
    • Ease of Setup
    • Ease of Cleaning
  • Performance
    • Maintenance during fermentation
    • Mold mitigation
    • Keeping veggies submerged
  • Value
  • Final Flavor

New criteria for 2017

  • Unboxing
    • Packaging
    • Other Features Included (recipe card/booklets, etc.)
  • Quality/Durability Long Term
  • Versatility (can it be used for multiple purposes)
  • Carbon Footprint (tentative)


If you are interested in having your device reviewed, please ship a sample kit to us. It must arrive to us in California, USA by April 17, 2017. Ship it to us the way you would ship it to a customer, as we will be “unboxing” the contestants.

Note: The device will not be returned to you.

If you have questions about the Device Smackdown series or wish to send us a sample kit, please contact us at smackdown@fermentersclub.com.