Fermented Potluck Place Cards

Got a fermented food swap coming up? Maybe a Fermenters Club Community meeting is just around the corner? Have you thought about all your guests’ questions you’re bound to get about that stinky jar of whatnot, not to mention having to endure them yammer about their dietary preferences?!

Gluten-free, vegan, nutrient-dense, keto-friendly, pasture-raised, non-GMO, Whole-30, paleo, pescatarian, omnivore, Weston Price, non-inflammatory, fruitarian, low FODMAP, shadowtarian aka level 5 vegan (won’t eat anything that casts a shadow).

It’s enough to give someone ingredient anxiety.


Well, we gotcha back. Cut ’em off at the pass and show ’em you’re a pro with these fermented food label placards, which you can download here. Compact, yet easy to read and write on, these li’l gems will keep you out of trouble with even your most finicky fermenting friends!

Download your FREE potluck label sheet

Just print some sheets, fold and cut as indicated. We recommend printing them on a stiff card-stock paper so they can stay upright and withstand a few splashes.



You’re welcome!

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