About Us

Love Farms Menu
Coconut Kefir – Pint
Coconut Kefir Spread – ½ Pint
Kefir Ranch Dressing – ½ Pint
Horseradish Mustard – ½ Pint
Sauerkraut – Quart*
KimChi – Pint*
Sourdough Starter – Pint*
Beet Kvass – 12oz. bottle*
Jun Kombucha (includes baby scoby) – Pint
Chaga Kombucha – Pint*
Love Kombucha – Pint
*indicates Alaska Grown
We also carry seasonal ferments such as Fermented Pickles, Lemon Dill Kraut, Caraway Onion Kraut, Krauty Beets, Relishes and flavored Kefirs.

Love Farms Mission Statement
To provide the highest quality cultured foods to our community, educate on why you should consume cultured foods with every meal and help you add cultured foods into your diet. Changing your diet changes your life. We want to make life easier for you.