Live Water Kefir Grains


1/4 cup, 4 Tablespoons, or 50 grams of live water kefir cultures.

Shipping to anywhere in the contiguous (lower 48) United States.

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Water kefir is a fizzy fermented beverage made by adding a water kefir culture (also known as WK orĀ tibicos) to a sugar-water mixture.

The package will ship with 1/4 cup, 4 Tablespoons, or 50 grams of water kefir culture (aka “grains”), in enough sugar water to keep them happy during shipping.

We’ll also send a recipe card for how to make perfectly refreshing, probiotic water kefir at home.

This will make your first quart or liter; the culture multiplies quickly, so you will be able to make larger batches with just a few ferments!

We also have lots of flavoring tips and tricks right here on our blog!



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