Kombucha Master Class [Self-Paced] with 1 Gallon Kombucha Kit


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Learn to brew delicious probiotic kombucha at home for pennies a pint!

Note that at this time we can only ship kits to the continental U.S. 

In this self-paced course, you will learn everything you need to brew delicious, gut-healthy probiotic kombucha at home, and get better results (for a lot less money!) than store-bought stuff.

Take this self-paced, on-demand course, let by an expert fermenter!

Earn Your Patch

Upon completion and a passing score on your Kombucha competency test, we will mail you your very own Kombucha Workshop embroidered patch! Sew it on a hat, your old Scouting sash, or stick it to your laptop!

1 Gallon Kombucha Kit

One 1-gallon glass brewing kit includes everything you need to start brewing kombucha at home! It’s perfect for households with 1-2 kombucha drinkers!

Kit includes:

  • One 1-gallon glass brewing jar
  • One 4 ounce SCOBY kombucha culture and 8 ounces starter liquid
  • Plastic slotted lid for “continuous brewing” method
  • Organic black or green tea and organic sugar (enough for your first 1-gallon batch)
  • 100% cotton Cloth
  • Muslin bag for brewing loose leaf tea
  • Thermometer strip
  • Stainless steel straw
  • Kombucha Recipe card

About the Instructor

Founder and Chief Fermentation Officer, Fermenters Club

Austin Durant has been playing with his food his whole life, and fermenting it for over ten years.

He has taught over 100 classes (online courses and hands-on workshops) on fermented food traditions such as sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, miso, as well as seasonal specialties. He writes and shares recipes, videos and other fermentation adventures on his blog.

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