Softstar Shoes

Minimalist, zero-drop leather shoes for men, women and children, hand made in Oregon!


I have been wearing Soft Star shoes as my everyday footwear since 2015. They are minimalist, barefoot style shoes that let you feel grounded while also supporting the correct physiology of your feet! They are hand-made in Oregon, united States! Besides your feet feeling great, you’ll feel good about supporting this small business! Bonus: Oregon has no sales tax! — Austin

Healthy Shoes For Happy Feet!

Join thousands of happy customers who have learned how good Softstars feel on their feet!

Austin has been wearing Softstar Shoes since he discovered them in 2015.

Softstar Shoes feature zero-drop (no lift in the heels, meaning there’s “zero” space between your heel and the earth), wide toe-box minimalist soles, all of which support your foot’s natural health!

Austin does receive affiliate commissions for the endorsement of this product.