Fish Sauce Master Class [Self-Paced]



Learn how to make exquisite, umami-rich fermented fish sauce at home!

Fish Sauce. Nam Pla (น้ำปลา). Nước mắm. Garum. Eojang (어장). In any language, this stuff is full of rich flavors, and is also nutritious, packed with protein and amino acids!

We will take you through the process, close up and step by step, so you can master the art of making fish sauce at home.

This is a Self-Paced Course

Take this self-paced, on-demand course, let by an expert fermenter!

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About the Instructor

Founder and Chief Fermentation Officer, Fermenters Club

Austin Durant has been playing with his food his whole life, and fermenting it for over ten years.

He has taught over 100 classes (online courses and hands-on workshops) on fermented food traditions such as sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, kombucha, miso, as well as seasonal specialties. He writes and shares recipes, videos and other fermentation adventures on his blog.