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Welcome to the Low Tech Laboratory, where we find simple solutions to massive problems.



Permaculture can make your life more luxuriant, and easier on both you and the environment.  One of the ways this can be achieved is through the use of low tech, DIY solutions for your house and homestead.  

At Wheaton Labs we run an annual event called the Permaculture Technology Jamboree, where we bring together some of the world’s most innovative designers, builders, tinkerers, bodgers, fixers, goofballs, and water-witchers; to explore and experiment with all kinds of things related to homesteading and permaculture.  The results are consistently amazing!  New and old natural building methods have been unlocked and refined, like mycelium insulation, and roundwood and earthen building techniques.  New time- and energy-saving inventions have been born – solar and passive solar designs to capture, store, and move heat, water, and even electricity. Wood heat technology has grown into maturity, finding new expressions and practical applications such as the Rocket Kiln, Forge, and Crucible, achieving heat-work that was previously regarded as “impossible.”