In-Person Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Summer 2023


Permaculture Design Course for Professionals and Engineers, June 18-July 1, 2023



Permaculture Design Course

June 18 – July 1, 2023
Near Missoula, Montana

I personally took this course in 2021, not being a professional, or engineer. I benefited greatly and was able to keep up with the material. It was a life-changing event! — Austin

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A proper Permaculture Design Course (PDC) has a well defined syllabus. Most PDCs are crafted for beginners – and a lot of professionals get bored. Our PDC assumes that the student is desiring a course with a bit more substance and grit. This PDC is designed for scientists, engineers, educators or people with a lot of current knowledge of permaculture.

Alan Booker, an engineer himself, has developed a format that caters to these people. Alan’s course will cover everything a PDC normally covers, but is packed with information that can help advanced or expert students take their knowledge to the next level.

Technical Permaculture Design:
The focus of this PDC is on the technical aspects of permaculture and on professional landscape designing for clients. You will be surrounded by like-minded people, and together you will not only learn the framework to survive in a rapidly changing world, but to thrive. You will also develop the skills to heal damaged landscapes while providing for your own needs.

In this course you are designing from the get go. Every new piece of information, every new concept, is delivered in sequence so that it is immediately relevant and applicable. Your design unfolds in step with the days subjects. This helps the learning to really take root in your mind. Learn how to make really good effective decisions. We can’t emphasize how important this is if you want to make effective long-lasting change in your life.

Every student will work through the entire design project individually, but always with the support of their design group and the instructors. Students will have multiple chances to present their design ideas and get feedback throughout the course of the first 13 days, building to the final design project presentations on the last day. During these final presentations, each student will present their own design project to the group as if they were presenting to a professional client.

This course is designed to help you really start thinking like a designer. Even if you have a lot of practical experience in various aspects of homesteading already, the Homesteaders PDC will move you past simply thinking in terms of isolated systems and into designing integrated, whole landscapes.

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