Miso Paste (Limited Edition)

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Try our Limited Edition, small batch hand-crafted miso paste!

8 oz. (227g) of delicious, vegan, umami-rich long fermented miso, and recipe card for traditional miso soup!

Raw, naturally fermented, vegan miso paste, made in a home kitchen

  • Miso is a long (one year or longer) ferment made with beans, koji (grain inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae), and salt. It’s full of umami!
  • Ingredients: bean, grain, Aspergillus oryzae culture, sea salt, water
  • Includes recipe card to make traditional miso soup
  • Traditional miso is made with soybeans, but we use alternate legumes like chickpeas, azuki, and peanuts

Other Details

  • All flavors are red miso (akamiso) style
  • Soy-free
  • Shipping to continental U.S. addresses only
  • Ships in wide-mouth half-pint glass jar
  • Shipped via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail. (please keep in mind when completing the Shipping information, if you have a PO Box/ if USPS doesn’t deliver to your door).
  • Although it is safe to ship and even eat at room temperature, move it to the refrigerator when you receive it.
  • Fermented at least 1 year (exact date varies by batch).
  • Made in a home kitchen.
  • Keep refrigerated for best results. Lasts up to 1 year in refrigerator.

*Price includes shipping throughout the continental U.S.*

Additional information

Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 6 × 10 × .5 in

Peanut & Rice Feb. 2019, Chickpea & Rice Nov. 2019, Chickpea, Azuki & Rice Nov. 2019, Azuki & Rice Jan. 2019


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