Custom Etched “LEAF” Mason Jar with Masontops Pipe and Pebble



Custom Etched wide mouth Quart-sized Kerr jar features:

  • Fermenters Club logo etched on one side
  • Fermenters Club fruit leaf design etched on the other side
  • Includes a Masontops Pickle Pipe and Pickle Pebble
  • Pickle Pipe may come in red, purple, blue, or green; fits on any sized wide mouth jar: half-pint, pint, quart, or half-gallon

The package Includes:

  • 1 quart-sized wide mouth Kerr jar with custom etching
  • 1 Pickle Pipe (silicone waterless airlock)
  • 1 Pickle Pebble (lead-free glass weight)
  • Metal lid and band

The Pickle Pipe is a super simple one-piece waterless airlock that allows gas to escape as necessary without letting any contaminants back flow into the jar, and it screws into place using any standard mason jar band. FDA food-grade certified, waterless, dishwasher-safe, and more compact… the Pickle Pipe is the natural evolution of the mason jar airlock. Once screwed into place, you can forget about the Pickle Pipe for days, or even weeks. There is no need to “burp” your jars manually each day, fumble with multi-piece airlocks, or monitor the “moat” of water-based airlocks. It is truly a “set and forget” solution.

Pickle Pebbles have been specifically designed for use with fermentation and take the guess work out of your lacto ferments by ensuring your veggies stay below the surface of the brine thereby eliminating exposure to oxygen (which is the main cause of failure when using lacto fermenting methods). Pickle Pebbles PLUS+ are designed for use in wide mouth canning jars, and can also be used in traditional ceramic crocks. With the Pickle Pebble PLUS+, one weight is often enough to keep veggies below the brine. Dimensions: 2.75″ diameter with 0.75″ thickness. Pickle Pebbles are made of non-iridized soda glass which is completely inert and guarantees that no other substances leach into your ferment.


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