[North County San Diego] Hands-on Kombucha Workshop ft. Boochcraft




Are you still paying $4 or more for a pint of kombucha?! Learn to make it for pennies a pint at home!

This class will cover how to make delicious kombucha safely at home, including secondary flavoring and carbonation

  • Sunday, May 2, 2021 from 1pm to 3:30pm

  • Well spaced, Outdoor yoga studio/tent space in Carlsbad (Carlsbad Village Yoga)

  • Includes your own take-home swing top bottle of seasonal kombucha!

    • LEARN: We’ll explain fermentation and have a brief discussion about the benefits of making and eating fermenting foods, and the history and science of kombucha
    • DEMO: We’ll show you how easy it is to start making fermented foods yourself at home! We’ll demo the techniques for brewing kombucha and also flavoring & carbonating it!
    • TASTE: We’ll have a variety of various kombucha flavors to sample
    • DO IT YOURSELF: Roll up your sleeves and make your very own bottle of kombucha with seasonal flavors.

We’ll be sippin’ on some locally crafted Boochcraft high-alcohol kombucha. You must be 21 years old or more to enjoy the high abv flavors.

SAVE $5 or more when you bring a friend or posse! (Each guest must have a ticket).

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Date & Time

Sun. May 2, 2021 @1p-3:30pm

# Guests

1 person, 2 people (save $5), 3 people (save $10), 4 people (save $20)


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