We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. But we know that things don’t always go perfectly.

If something goes wrong with your order, please email us right away at service@fermentersclub.com. We will always strive to make it right! We’ll respond within 24 hours, 48 hours tops.

For all return or refund inquiries, you must contact us within 7 business days of receiving your order.

Here are some more specific details about returns and refunds.

Fermented Foods

Due to their perishable nature, there is no need to return fermented foods.

  • Damage in transit (leaks, glass breakage, other spoilage) — we will replace food items damaged in transit at no charge.
  • If you just don’t like the taste of what you ordered, please let us know within 2 days of receiving it. We’ll try to replace it with something you’d enjoy!

Fermentation Tools & Swag

  • Damage in transit (item damage, glass breakage) — we will replace items damaged while in transit at no charge.
  • Wrong Sizes: We are as explicit as we can be about clothing sizes in our product descriptions. If you order an item that is the wrong size, there is no refund. (Karma points: Gift it to someone else!)

Tickets for In-person and Live Online Classes, Festivals, Other Events

  • If we cancel: From time to time, we may have to cancel a class or event. We’ll strive to give you as much advance notice as we have. If we cancel a class, we will issue a refund for the value of the course. If you purchase a course for $39 and we cancel it, we will refund you the full amount. If you purchase a kit to go along with the course for a total of $69, and the course-only cost is $39, then we would refund you $39 if we cancel.
  • No Show: If you register for a class and do not show up, there is no refund.

Self-Paced (pre-recorded) Courses

  • We strive to let you know as much about a course (previews of the agenda, e.g.) Therefore, there are no refunds for self-paced courses. If you are truly unhappy with the quality of a course, we’d love to know why. Please contact us, and we’ll work with you to make it right.