A local club is a small group of neighbor-fermenters who get together frequently to swap fermented foods!

Have you started your own local club? Tell us about it!
Looking for a local club in your town? Start here!

Here’s a map of where all the Fermenters Club local clubs (at least the ones that we know about) are located.


6 thoughts on “Start/Join a Local Club

  1. Vicki

    I teach kombucha and dairy kefir classes in Orlando. Trying to get into fermented veggies… Looking for like-minded fermenters in central Florida!

    • Austin Post author

      Hi Vicki,
      We’re working on finding the best way to connect people through the site. For now, try adding a new topic here and let people know where you’re looking to start a new group! Thanks!

  2. againstthegrain

    I’m in North County (San Diego Cty) and very interested in home fermentation of foods. Do you have regular club meetings? I don’t know anyone near me with an interest in fermentation, except for beer brewers.

    • Margarat

      I’m in Encinitas, and have friends in San Diego that make fermented foods. I don’t make beer. Right now just doing sauerkraut.

  3. Jane

    I’m here in St. Louis MO. (West County area). Anyone interested in starting a group???

  4. Brenda

    Hi I’m in Bristol, Connecticut. Does anyone know of anything going on in my neck of the woods?

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