5 thoughts on “Fermenters Club™ Communities

  1. Andrea Anderson and David McKinley

    We met Jennifer Harris at the Heirloom Seed Expo. We are trying to find a group in Lakeport (or Lake County) CA and thought you might be able to help. Do we need to register somewhere or something? We really are excited about this whole fermenter’s club thing.

    • Austin Post author

      Welcome! Glad you’re excited too. You can optionally register for the site, after which you can post pictures and participate in the forum. We’re working on the best way to connect people and get them together in their towns. Stay tuned!

  2. Austin Post author

    Hi Karen,
    That’s great! Have you got at least 4 people? We’re working on a “Tips for Fermenters Club Cultures” post in the very near future. Stay tuned!

  3. jenniferharris

    Hello my friends!
    We will get this online community goin’… slowly, but surely! I am so glad you guys have logged on to explore. Much more to come, of course!

    Again, it was great to meet you… and I look forward to planning a date in the future to get together.

  4. Austin Post author

    Thanks Jen! We’re so grateful to have you representin’ the Bay area!

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